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In this simulation you assume the role as the newly appointed fleet manager for ABC Industrial Equipment. You have been tasked to reduce wastage and improve current fleet management practices.

In order to accomplish the purpose of your role you are required to complete a number of tasks. You will also have to complete the assessments associated with these tasks.

The tasks that you need to complete are as follows:

  1. Read the case study and prepare to answer the questions that follows.
  2. Study the current composition of the vehicle fleet and answer the questions that follows.
  3. Bla…

Task 1

Read the case study and complete the assessment associated with the task.

Fleet Planning

Before acquiring a new vehicle, you should consider whether the company requirements could be met using the existing fleet. You should examine current vehicle utilisation to determine whether some vehicles are being under-utilised. For example, if two vehicles with low annual kilometres or low daily use are parked near each other, perhaps one of them could be pooled and the other one disposed of.

When it has been determined that the existing fleet cannot meet a requirement, departments should consider using alternative methods of transportation to meet the requirement. These may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Buying or leasing new vehicles,
  • Vehicle rentals (short-term or seasonal),
  • Privately owned vehicles, or
  • Outsourcing (e.g., courier services)

Assessment 1

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Task 2

Task 3

You have to