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Fleet Management Simulation

The Fleet Management Simulation is a simulation Mobilitas has developed to teach the principles of effective fleet management, including:

  • Capacity planning (Own fleet vs outsourced/company car vs travel allowance)
  • Vehicle selection (make/model/fuel type);
  • Vehicle funding (Instalment Sale vs Operating Lease);
  • Choice of value-added services;
  • Management information – measuring for success;
  • Total Cost of Ownership

In this simulation you assume the role as the newly appointed fleet manager for ABC Industrial Equipment. You have been tasked to reduce wastage and improve current fleet management practices.

In order to accomplish the purpose of your role you are required to complete a number of tasks. You will also have to complete the assessments associated with these tasks.

The tasks that you need to complete are as follows:

  1. Read the case study and prepare to answer the questions that follows.
  2. Study the current composition of the vehicle fleet and answer the questions that follows.
  3. Bla…

The Fleet Management Simulation Resources include the following:

  1. Lease/Instalment Sale payment calculator
  2. Fuel Cost calculator