We specialise in fleet strategy, increasing your fleet ROI; improving your road traffic safety practices and reducing the carbon footprint of your fleet operation.


Increase Fleet ROI

Improve Road Traffic Safety

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Fleet Management Training

Increase fleet ROI

Identify and manage all your fleet cost drivers, reduce wastage and increase your return on investment in fleet assets.

TCO Optimiser Consulting Service

Our TCO Optimiser is an independent review of a fleet’s performance, offering fleet managers an analysis of key performance indicators and opportunities for improvement.

An operational profile examines key performance indicators help you to identify inefficiencies and wastage in your fleet operations and identify a need for changes to fleet vehicles, operations or maintenance practices.

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Improve Road traffic Safety

Create a road traffic safety management system to reduce the
cost and productivity losses associated with road traffic related

Road Traffic Safety Consulting Service

We help you to identify road traffic safety risks applicable to your fleet, determine the true cost of road traffic related incidents and set objectives to measure and report progress towards improvement of your cost and productivity losses associated with these incidents.

We also help you to create a Road Traffic Safety management system, including a road traffic safety policy, road traffic safety objectives and action plans and information about elements and criteria related to road traffic safety.

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Reduce Carbon Emissions

Calculate the baseline carbon footprint for your fleet, identify
opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint and report your progress.

Carbon Footprint Consulting Service

Our carbon footprint consulting service reduces reporting time and cost to produce carbon footprint reports.

As independent third party, we help to set targets and make recommendations for improvement to achieve your carbon emissions targets and help you to create a fuel efficient vehicle selection list.

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Fleet Management Training

Mobilitas offers bespoke in-house fleet management courses.
These short courses can be offered as non-credit bearing or
credit bearing courses through our chosen Higher Education

We also offer structured coaching sessions for newly appointed
fleet managers.

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